Why are you having such a hard time? The news is always better than the headline

The news in the world is always more interesting than the headlines.

That’s why people tune in to what’s on the newsstands and the websites, and the most interesting stories don’t always make the top of the headlines or get the attention they deserve.

This week, for example, the top stories in the US were the US Election and the US Supreme Court, which are both of great interest to a lot of people in the country, but they didn’t receive the attention or attention that people expect from the top headlines of news articles.

If there’s a story that really grabs the attention of a lot more people, that’s the most compelling one, but it doesn’t necessarily make the news on the front page of most news websites, said Robert Shapiro, CEO of the media and technology company MediaMetrics.

That could be because it’s a major story, it’s really relevant, it makes you think about the world, and you’re drawn to it because you’re interested in that story.

You’re also likely to read more about it, and so on, than the other news stories that have the same headlines.

The top stories are also more popular in the media, because they’re more important.

That means you’re likely to be reading more of them.

It also means that people are more likely to get a good deal from it, which is good news for businesses.

Here are the top news stories of the week: Donald Trump’s presidency Donald Trump was elected president of the United States on Tuesday, becoming the 45th president of US history.

The former reality television star has been a controversial figure in the United State and across the world.

The election was widely seen as a referendum on Trump and his policies.

In fact, he has called his election victory a “travesty,” and has said he won’t be running for another term in office.

Trump’s win has had major consequences for the United Kingdom.

He has already signed a number of executive orders that could have significant repercussions for the country.

He also has the backing of Prime Minister Theresa May, who has been criticized for not following through with the promises she made during her campaign.

The UK also has a new prime minister.

Trump has already put his name on a number the UK’s new Brexit leader has called a “dangerous, dangerous country,” which would be an even greater threat than Brexit itself.

It could lead to the UK exiting the EU and potentially triggering Brexit.

The US election Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in the 2016 US presidential election.

It was the biggest upset in US presidential history.

Clinton won by more than 20 percentage points.

The result was a resounding victory for the Democratic Party.

She was able to push through a number laws, such as her signature health care law, and she was able take on the Trump administration.

Trump also was able gain the endorsement of former President George W. Bush, who said in a statement that he “reaffirmed his deep affection for the man who was elected to serve as our 45th President.”

The US Supreme court The US supreme court will decide on two cases that are very important for the future of the Affordable Care Act.

The first is the Affordable Child Care Act, which provides federal funding for child care.

The other is a challenge to Trump’s travel ban.

It’s been challenged by the federal government, and it could ultimately lead to a ruling in favor of the federal Government, which argues that Trump’s ban violates the US Constitution.

The Supreme Court will decide the case on Monday, October 5.

The second case is the lawsuit challenging Trump’s Muslim ban.

The court will also decide whether or not Trump can impose a blanket travel ban against people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The case is expected to be heard on Friday, October 13.

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