What the polls say about the Scottish independence referendum

The polls suggest that a vote to secede from the UK is on the cards for Scotland, despite a recent survey suggesting that most people in Scotland would prefer to stay in the UK.

A new poll for BBC Scotland shows the yes vote is gaining ground, but a majority of voters are still undecided.

The latest poll from the Sunday Times/Observer suggests the Yes campaign is on course to win the referendum, with 62 per cent of Scots saying they will vote Yes, with 22 per cent saying they would vote No.

The poll was conducted between June 22 and 23.

It shows that support for independence is rising among Scots who are likely to vote Yes.

A majority of Scots say they would be comfortable with independence if it meant voting to leave the UK, but there is still a minority who say they will be fine with independence but would prefer a separate Scotland.

There is also a growing number of voters who say independence is a necessary first step towards a united Scotland.

A plurality of Scots, 48 per cent, say that the country needs to move beyond the current political and economic divide to achieve greater economic and social equality.

Support for independence was also highest among younger voters.

Those aged 18-34 are the most likely to support independence, with 59 per cent voting Yes, followed by those aged 35-44 (47 per cent) and those aged 45-54 (42 per cent).

There is no clear split between the two groups on whether to remain in the EU, with 38 per cent supporting staying in the bloc and 40 per cent leaving.

The survey of 1,002 adults was conducted from June 23 to 24.

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