Which counties are most likely to see a new opioid overdose death?


— A study released Monday finds that the state with the highest number of opioid overdose deaths is the county where Duluth residents have the most disposable income.

According to a new analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, counties with high numbers of opioid deaths include: Bismarck, Minnetonka, Mankato, Nelson, Odessa and St. Cloud.

It’s the first time the analysis has examined the causes of opioid-related deaths, which is often difficult due to a lack of reliable data.

Dr. John F. Thompson, a co-author of the study, said the study was done based on an analysis of the most recent national data on opioid deaths.

He said it’s a “pretty good indicator” that the most dangerous counties have a high number of deaths related to opioids.

“We’re not seeing the opioid epidemic in places that have the highest opioid use rates,” Thompson said.

“But we are seeing the high-risk areas that have those high opioid use levels.

The counties with the most opioid-associated deaths include Baldwin, Clinton, Crawford, Eaton, Hennepin, Humboldt, Linn, Madison, Montpelier, Monroe, Oconto, Okemos, Pine Lake, Polk and Snohomish counties.

In the study that was released Monday, the authors compared the counties with a high rate of opioid use to those with the lowest.

They found that the counties that had the highest rate of overdose deaths were in the central and southern states.

Thompson said the authors did not include counties where the opioid crisis is happening.

As of Dec. 31, the U,S.

had 6,829 opioid-specific deaths and an additional 2,542 opioid-attributable deaths.

The authors said they used a measure of the number of people that died as a percentage of the overall U.

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