How the Vikings were born

New evidence has emerged that the Vikings, the legendary Norse warrior-god, had the capacity to speak and move the brain.

Researchers at the University of Leicester have analysed the brains of 13 Vikings to show that they possessed the same ability to think and speak as we do.

The Vikings were the first people to use a metal tool to break down stones.

According to the University, they were also the first to have written down their history and the date they founded a settlement.

“They were the last people to have invented writing,” Professor Peter Cawthorne, the lead author of the study, said.

Professor CawTHorne and his team were able to identify the neural tissue from the brains, which they called “skull matter”, and compared it to a human brain, which is normally composed of white matter.

Their findings suggest the Vikings had an extraordinary ability to move the human brain. 

“It is a bit like a person using their eyes to see,” Professor Caw THorne said.

“You can see how a person would look if they had an eye patch on their forehead, but if you were to put the eye patch over the head, they would look very strange.”

The study was published in the journal Neuron.

Dr Caw said they were able in the study to find the neural structure of the brain of the Viking warriors in the context of their lives and history.

He said that the brain was a special organ in the human body, which could have evolved with the development of our modern brains.

One of the earliest humans to develop a language, the Vikings used their writing skills to create their own unique language, known as Icelandic.

A lot of the research in this area has focused on language, but we’re really beginning to see brain changes in this respect as well,” he said.

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