Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Claims Are ‘Bullshit’

The president of the United States is in for a rude awakening as his own team of journalists begins a new campaign of self-examination.

Donald Trump is currently the subject of a series of self review exercises by the president’s team.

It is a way for him to show them he has taken responsibility for his own actions and his team is now on the job, according to The New York Times.

As part of the exercise, Mr Trump will have to show that he is a more “realistic” president.

This could mean that he takes responsibility for the actions of his team and he has done a better job of keeping the promises he has made.

But this doesn’t mean he will be able to ignore his own behaviour.

The president has been criticised for a number of controversial comments, including one in which he suggested he would like to punch the “nasty woman” who has been accused of groping him.

The president’s comments have also caused outrage with his supporters, who have described them as “unacceptable” and “disgusting”.

The White House has denied that the president ever said the words, and the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, told reporters on Monday that he was “not going to get into that”.

“It’s not going to be part of his agenda today,” Mr Spicer said.

The White-House has defended the president by pointing out that Mr Trump made the comments during a televised speech, and Mr Spicer told reporters that the words had been “taken out of context”.

But it is not clear if this is the case.

The self-review exercises are the first step in the president of The United States’ campaign to make amends for his most controversial moments and to demonstrate that he has learned from them, according a statement by his team.

The first exercise is a series titled “Donald Trump’s Fake News”.

It begins with the president addressing the nation and asking them to give him their “unqualified and unwavering” support.

The second exercise will be focused on the president-elect’s “policies and actions”.

Mr Trump is expected to say that he “remains steadfastly committed to our country’s values, principles and principles of truth, justice, freedom and freedom of speech”, and that “our country is safer and stronger with a strong, independent press”.

Mr Trump will also be asked to explain his decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, who was appointed by the Republican president.

The third exercise is “Trump and the Truth”.

Mr Spicer, who has previously spoken about the president as a “bully”, will be asked “what Trump has learned” from his own “tough decisions” and will discuss how Mr Trump has “made America stronger”.

The fourth exercise is called “The Big Lie”.

Mr Comey is asked to “dispel the Big Lie that the President fired Comey” and to “explain what happened”.

Mr Spicer has said the president has not been forthcoming with information about the firing.

The final exercise is titled “The Truth: Trump, the Presidency and the Future”.

Mr Bannon, the president and chief strategist of the far-right website Breitbart News, is also asked to give Mr Trump’s “unlimited” support, and will be expected to “show the President that the American people are watching his every move”.

Mr Manafort, Mr Spicer’s deputy, will also discuss the administration’s “tremendous progress” and the “huge opportunities” that the Trump administration has given to Americans.

In the exercise’s first section, Mr Manafort is expected at times to give a “rebuttal” to Mr Trump and to point out that “his policies and actions” are “not as he claimed”.

Mr Priebus, who is also expected to give “Trump’s untruths” in the exercise and is expected also to give Trump’s unqualified support, will be “asked to tell the President his true position”.

Mr Pence is expected, according the statement, to give the president “a clear and unequivocal answer to the question: ‘You’ve lied.

You’ve lied again’.”

He will be followed by chief strategist Steve Bannon, who “is expected to provide a detailed rebuttal of the President’s false claim that he fired Comey”.

Mr Conway will be questioned about her role in the administration, and she will be quizzed about her views on the President and “his administration’s success in keeping the American public safe”, according to the statement.

The next section will examine Mr Trump “the President”, “the Presidency, the future and what is happening in the world today”.

This section will include Mr Trump the “president” and Mr Trump, “the future”.

Mr Kushner is also “asking” Mr Trump to “share the full truth” about the “troubling” news reports and Mr Kushner will “provide his full and unqualified and unvarnished explanation”, the

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