How to deal with people who are just saying what they want to say

How do you deal with someone who is just saying something they want you to hear?

You have to be very firm.

You have got to stop them and say no.

You just don’t say yes.

This is a great example of the art of saying no.

This time, I think you’ve got to say no to the question, “What is the status of the refugee crisis in India?”

The answer is, the situation in India is getting worse.

It’s getting worse because the international community is ignoring this crisis and ignoring India’s humanitarian needs, and the humanitarian crisis has become the main focus of the international response to the refugee problem.

I think what you need to say is, no, I don’t want you, I want you not to have any information about this situation.

If you want to know about this, go to a refugee camp in Nepal, go and speak to refugees, see the situation, and then you can come to India and you can do something.

You can say, “I want to help the people in Nepal.”

You can come and do something and do that.

And then if you want, you can help with the situation there, but you needn’t.

You don’t need to give the information.

This has happened all over the world.

The United States, for instance, has a huge humanitarian problem.

And so, they need information.

They need to be informed.

They want to do something about this.

They don’t even have the information, as far as I know, on the situation.

And it’s because they are just ignoring it, because they don’t know.

So, what you have to do is, if you are the government, then you have got the responsibility to tell the truth about this refugee situation.

You’ve got the moral obligation to tell this.

If the government is not telling the truth, then the truth has no value.

And that’s why I think this is a very important lesson to teach the American people, the Indians.

And if you don’t tell the Truth, you have no value, and you are going to be treated like a criminal.

That’s what the American Government did in the past.

And I hope that this lesson will become the foundation for India’s government to start teaching the truth.

I hope it will become a starting point for Indian leaders to start saying, “Look, if we don’t do something now, there will be a crisis in the future.”

That’s my hope.

So we’ll see how this plays out.

In the meantime, if the Indian Government does not have any real information on the refugee situation, then it is going to make life miserable for Indian citizens in India.

That is the message that the Indian government is sending out.

But they are not listening to the people.

The people are listening to what the government says.

And they are listening, because the government doesn’t even want to listen.

They are just not listening.

And you’ve just got to listen to the government.

You should listen to them.

But if you’re not listening, you’ve been made a criminal, and they’ve made a mockery of the country.

And this is what the people of India need to do.

We have to listen now.

We need to make a difference.

We are the ones who are going back to India, we are the people who have to take a stand.

I’m not talking about the Congress Party or the BJP.

I am talking about people like you and me, the people from different sections of the population.

If we stand up, the Government will listen to us.

The government will listen, because it has no choice.

The Government has no option.

The world’s only superpower is India.

And its going to start to realize that this is the way it should be.

So if you go to the UN, the UN is the largest organization in the world that has a responsibility to protect people, and protect the refugees.

And the United Nations, the United States and all the international organizations are responsible to protect the people and protect their refugee status.

If they don.t have to protect refugees, they are going into a very dangerous situation.

They have to start listening to their people.

If their people don’t listen, the government will start listening.

We cannot keep ignoring this situation and not come up with a solution.

And as long as the refugees remain in the hands of the United Kingdom and the United State, I cannot think of a solution that is satisfactory for the refugees, for the people, for anyone.

So this is why I say, don’t get involved in the refugee question.

Don’t get caught up in the humanitarian question.

And don’t become part of this debate.

I’ve just mentioned a few examples.

I want to make it very clear that the refugee issue is not going away.

We know this.

And we know that the situation is going on.

And now, we need to get involved and start doing something

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