Which presidential candidate has the most followers?

Google’s top political official, Larry Page, has about 11 million followers on Facebook, according to a new report. 

But, according the company, that’s far less than the 20 million followers he has on Twitter, and fewer than the 10 million Facebook users he has in total.

Page is not only the president of Google, but also its chairman and CEO, and he also has a significant influence on how search and news companies use the platform.

In January, Google unveiled a new program that would give users a voice and control over their search results.

The new program would allow users to create a search bar, change how Google treats news articles, and filter news content.

Google’s new program also allows users to have their news recommendations and search results updated automatically, which is a feature that Google had been trying to implement for years.

However, Google said the changes could be rolled out to all users, including users who do not have Google accounts.

Page’s Facebook account, for instance, would only be able to show news items that are relevant to the user’s interests.

Page has a strong relationship with Facebook, having become its first billionaire employee in 2013.

He also owns the company’s stock, which he held for nearly a decade, and a minority stake.

Facebook has been accused of bias against conservative candidates and groups, which has been called into question by a new CNN report.

The report said that many conservatives and conservative media organizations have been banned from participating in the platform and that conservative media outlets have been “treated more harshly than other news organizations.”

Page has said he doesn’t care about bias and has said that he believes in free speech.

But Facebook has said it would be a mistake to ban conservative media groups. 

Facebook has also been accused by many conservatives of promoting the “fake news” phenomenon, which critics have argued has been used to spread false stories to spread misinformation and encourage hate.

The Facebook program is designed to help news organizations, political campaigns, and others improve their social media presence, according a statement.

“We believe that the tools that we are building to build a more powerful news experience are critical to better serving our audiences and communities, and we are working hard to enable this,” the statement read. 

The new report comes as Google and other major technology companies have struggled to maintain public trust in the public and political platforms they have created.

In a report released last month, Pew Research Center said that while Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have become more open and transparent, they still have a ways to go.

“It is clear that Facebook and Twitter have not delivered on their promises to create an open, accountable, and democratic platform,” the report said.

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