How to protect yourself from the worst ransomware threats

New Delhi: The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a security advisory on ransomware attacks targeting people with compromised personal data, including names, addresses, credit card numbers and bank account details.

The advisory warns that ransomware attacks will continue to be common even after governments, banks and insurance companies are given the required security updates.

According to the NCSC, “Ransomware is a malicious software program designed to steal money from a victim, and to prevent the victim from using their own money, or their data or assets for any purpose, without the victim’s consent.

It is a software that uses a method of encryption to hide the identity of the author and the source of the attack from a computer.”

According the NCSP, the ransomware has several methods of encrypting and decryption, including: 1.

The ransomware program has the ability to encrypt files and folders 2.

Ransom-ware programs encrypt the contents of the infected computer by using a different algorithm, and 3.

Rocker.exe (a ransomware-ware program) uses an encryption method that is very difficult to detect.

The NCSC advises people to make backups of all personal data on their computers and devices.

The National Cyber Crime Unit (NCU) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are also working together on a joint investigation into the threat.

The NCSP has also issued a statement on the ransomware, saying: “A recent wave of ransomware attacks has impacted more than a billion people worldwide, causing massive loss of personal data and financial assets.

The ransomware is a threat to all of us, and we are determined to identify and prevent the attacks and identify those responsible.

This will lead to a comprehensive and effective response to the cybercrime.”

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