Which Australian sports team is best-suited to be impeached?

Posted November 30, 2018 09:16:18 With the Senate poised to vote on a motion to impeach the president, a number of sports figures have made comments on social media.

Some have urged Australians to consider their role in electing their next leader.

But others have questioned whether the game is suited to a democracy.

Key points: One of the sports figures is ex-Brisbane Lions and New South Wales premiership player Jason Taylor Former Brisbane Lions and Sydney Swans premiership defender Jason Taylor says sports should not be the focus of politics “Sport is not politics” and sports should be an opportunity to learn and “do things you’d never normally do”, former AFL player Jason Tuivasa-Sheck said.

“If I were to have a team of footballers, a team that played a sport that I didn’t like, I’d be fine,” Mr Tuivuta-Shek said.

Former Brisbane Lion and former New South Welsh premiership defensive back Jason Taylor has called for a ban on political leaders and politicians “to keep the game out of politics”.

Mr Tuibaa-Sheks comments follow comments by former Sydney Swaps and Gold Coast Suns player Jason Hurley who called the game a “f*cking disgrace” to politics.

“You’d have a lot of really strong people with a lot more integrity in politics than in sports,” Mr Hurley told a Melbourne radio station.

Former AFL player Andrew McDonald also called on sport to stop being a political tool.

“Sport should not become politics,” he said.

Sports minister Andrew Colvin, who is also the deputy speaker, told the ABC that Mr Tuivey’s comments were “not helpful”.

“The game has no place in politics, that’s just the fact,” he told ABC radio.

“Sports is not a political vehicle.”

The sports figures who have made the comments are all members of the AFL Players Association.

Mr Tuivista-Shecks comments come as the Government prepares to make a statement on the future of the national sport.

The Government says the Federal Government is committed to a future where the game will not be politicised.

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