More than 20,000 people in Michigan’s most populous county sign petition calling for change to mercury poisoning

More than 200,000 Michigan residents have signed a petition calling on the state’s Health and Human Services Department to revise its mercury poisoning guidelines.

The Michigan Mercury Poisoning Prevention Action Network released a new petition on Monday calling for the state to make the state mercury poisoning prevention guidelines more transparent, and allow people to choose the level of mercury exposure to which they want to be exposed.

The petition, which was started by the nonprofit Mercury Alliance, was launched by local and statewide advocacy groups to urge the Health and Justice Department to adopt the guidelines.

“There are no silver bullets,” said Scott Henson, who works as a toxicologist for the Mercury Alliance.

“The most important thing to do is to be smart and act to protect the public.

The health of our citizens, of our children, is very important.”

Henson said he believes Michigan’s mercury poisoning standards need to be revised because they are a model for other states and nations that are moving toward more transparency in their mercury regulations.

Henson added that the guidelines are based on what is known as a “methadone protocol,” which is a formula that sets the maximum amount of time people should be exposed to the toxic chemical.

Hansen said that if the state doesn’t make these guidelines more “transparent,” the Michigan community will continue to have concerns about mercury poisoning.

“We have a problem,” Henson said.

“This is not a problem for the majority of people.

We have a large population of people who are exposed to very toxic metals.

We need to protect them.”

State health officials have not yet released the state-specific mercury poisoning protocol, but they did announce earlier this month that the state will adopt a “Methadones Protocol,” which will allow for people to self-select how much mercury they want in their bodies.

The state guidelines, which were introduced in 2011, require people to consume 10 milligrams of mercury per day.

Henson believes that is too much for most people.

“If people want to do something like this, I’m not sure how they can get to 10 milligs,” Hensen said.

Michigan’s new guidelines are in response to the increasing number of children exposed to mercury in the air and water, which has prompted the Michigan Department of Health and the Michigan Environmental Protection Agency to study the mercury poisoning of children.

Hensen said that the new guidelines will provide the information people need to choose whether to take action to limit their exposure.

“I think it’s a good idea to have a public education campaign that will inform people of the mercury,” Hanson said.

Hensons office has been working with the Mercury Coalition, which is dedicated to bringing awareness to mercury issues, to develop and implement the state guidelines.

The coalition’s mission statement is “To Protect Our Children and Communities from the Health Impacts of Environmental Pollution and Toxic Substances,” according to its website.

The group is comprised of more than 10,000 individuals from Michigan and across the country, who have been working to raise awareness of the dangers of mercury pollution.

Hensons son was diagnosed with mercury poisoning when he was 4 years old.

Hentsons office was also involved in an effort to raise money to buy bottled water for Flint residents after the city began to use a new city-owned water system in the Flint River in April 2014.

Hentons office, which serves Flint residents, said the campaign has raised more than $40,000 since it began.

“It’s been a long road, but we’re getting closer to where we need to get,” Hentsons daughter, Amanda, told The Associated Press in February.

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