WWE is hiring for new WWE TV analyst

WWE has hired a talent agent and a casting director to help the WWE Network develop its talent for its digital and streaming platforms, sources told the New York Times.

The company will have the capacity to produce more than 300 hours of new programming a year for the next five years, the newspaper reported.

The agency will help the company hire talent who are up-and-coming, “tangible stars,” as well as people who have worked on TV shows and films, it said.

The hiring of talent also marks the first time the company has hired an outside agency to help it develop its TV programming, the Times said.

“We’re looking to hire a talent agency to come in and help us execute,” a company representative told the newspaper.

“It’s a long-term commitment.”

The hiring follows a number of hires for the network, including the company’s newest addition, the network’s new digital executive, Mike DiMartino.

He joins the company from NBCUniversal, where he previously worked.

The WWE Network is the network of the company, which is owned by Turner, which also owns NBCUniversal and CBS.

The network’s online streaming service, which will be available through Google and Apple, will launch in April.

The new network, which has the name WWE Now, is part of the WWE’s push to expand its digital presence and reach.

It will also include digital-only content, which was a hallmark of its original live events, including WrestleMania and WrestleMania 30, which drew more than 60 million people to stadiums across the country.

“WWE’s digital footprint has never been stronger,” WWE president Stephanie McMahon said in a statement.

“With the help of our Talent Agency, we’re bringing WWE to a new level of reach and access to fans worldwide.

We are also excited to add a new, exciting programming addition to the WWE platform.”

WWE Now will launch on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox Live, Roku, and Apple TV.

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