How the new NFL ratings model works

The NFL’s new “rattling” ratings model is a big deal.

And it’s causing some major problems for the league.

Fox News and CBS are both releasing new NFL-branded digital channels, but Fox News is also making its own network.

The networks have chosen to go with Fox’s new ratings model instead of the old one, which relied heavily on ratings from the Nielsen Company.

The new ratings system has the potential to change the NFL’s business.

It’s been one of the most controversial moves in sports, but it could also be a big boon to the game.

“Fox is moving into a new market where it can offer the widest variety of products, which gives the NFL greater flexibility to develop and improve the product and service,” CBS Sports chairman/CEO Les Moonves said in a statement.

But the NFL will be in the business of building a brand for itself, and Fox’s brand could be more important than ever. 

“This is an exciting opportunity for the NFL and CBS, as the NFL is able to build its brand for the 21st century,” Moonves added.

“As the new ratings season approaches, the NFL has the opportunity to establish itself as the leading sports entertainment brand on cable, satellite and streaming.”

In recent years, the league has struggled to get people to watch its games.

Last season, the average attendance was 25.6 million, and it has since dropped to 23.7 million.

In its most recent ratings season, 2016, the attendance was 19.7% lower than it was in 2015.

CBS and Fox are not the only networks that are experimenting with the ratings system.

According to a survey by the National Association of Broadcasters, CBS Sports is the No. 1 cable sports network among viewers age 25 to 54. 

According to the Nielsen ratings, CBS is now in second place behind ESPN.

Fox is currently in third place.

In the last two years, CBS has been a huge part of the NFL ratings system, according to data from Nielsen. 

In 2015, CBS’ network was the most-watched in the NFL with a whopping 26.3 million viewers.

CBS was second behind NBC with 22.9 million viewers, and third behind Fox with 21.5 million viewers the year before.

While CBS Sports has been on top for a while, the ratings data from the last few seasons suggest that Fox is taking the lead. 

Last season, CBS averaged 3.8 million viewers per game, the most of any network in the league, according

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