Why Google is making its biggest acquisition yet: The new home for the NewsGram search engine

Washington, D.C. — Google has signed a deal with the Fresno NewsGrams to acquire the search engine and the NewsGrid news aggregator.

The NewsGRAMs site will be called the NewsSaga and the news aggregators will be NewsGrid, which is owned by Google.

NewsGAMers are the backbone of the Fresno news market.

The Fresno News Group, founded in 2005, is the largest news company in the state.

NewsGrid was launched in 2010 as a standalone media company and the first aggregator, NewsGrid+ and NewsGrid+, to compete with Google’s news aggregation platform, Google News.

The acquisition also includes the Newsgram, which will continue to be run by NewsGRAB.

NewsgRAMs content will be available through Google News in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Google has made a number of acquisitions in recent years.

Newsgram, the Newsgram app, was acquired by AOL for $3.2 billion last year.

News Grams was acquired for $1.3 billion by Google in 2014.

In January, Google acquired NewsGrama for $2.3 million.

NewsGroup, which includes NewsGramer and NewsGrapher, has more than 4 million unique monthly visitors.

Newsgroups will be free to use for the next 12 months and Newsgram will offer more options to users.

The companies also said that they would continue to build on their existing business in the news business by creating new business offerings, such as a new news aggregating platform, NewsGrak, which Google announced last month.

The two companies also plan to share data, and the acquisition is expected to close by the end of 2017.

The deal was first reported by The Washington Post.

News Group and Newsgrama were created in 2005 as news aggregations to compete against Google’s News.

Newsgroup aggregated the largest number of news stories of any news aggregated site in the U.S., according to the Washington Post, with nearly 2.5 million stories and aggregating more than 2.8 million articles from news outlets across the country.

Newsgerram aggregated more than 1.5 billion news stories from the most-watched news channels in the country and generated revenue of more than $1 billion, according to data from the firm.

The company also created a mobile app called Newsgerrams and launched an interactive news site called NewsGrag.

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