BREAKING: Donald Trump is ‘absolutely’ willing to work with Hillary Clinton on a joint convention

Washington, DC – Donald Trump says he’s open to a joint RNC convention, but that he wants to see a plan in place first before moving forward with it.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump said he’d like to have a plan by the time the convention rolls around in July.

“We’ll see what happens.

I mean, we’re talking about something, you know, it could be a convention,” he said.

“But, you see what’s happening, you’re talking with all these different people, you can’t just talk about it.”

But Trump’s comments, if they were taken literally, suggest that he’d prefer a plan that would include a joint GOP convention and then a joint DNC convention in July to the current arrangement.

Trump said in the interview that he and his top advisers would be “very close” to finalizing a joint platform but that it would have to be approved by both parties.

He also said he would prefer to have the platform be put out as a joint document and then sent to each party separately.

“If you look at this platform, the way it was put out, I would say, look, if we have a joint, then you’ve got a unified platform,” he told The Post.

“But I think that’s not possible.

We’re talking right now about a joint or not.

We have a lot of people talking to each other.”

The Post reports that there are more than a dozen proposals in the works for a joint Republican convention and DNC convention, including one from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who called for a convention to include a single-party platform.

That would have allowed Trump to win the GOP nomination, although it wouldn’t have allowed him to formally endorse him.

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