How ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is bringing fans and viewers to NBC’s coverage of ‘The Super Bowl’

New York magazine is reporting that “The Big Beat” is “showing up on NBC’s primetime schedule for the Super Bowl in full” — and that the channel is “making the network look good.”

The network, which has been making headlines lately, will premiere the “big-screen version of the show” in early 2017.

That version will air on the Sunday night schedule alongside a preview of the big game that NBC will broadcast on February 1.

While the full-length show is still in its early stages, it is already being hailed by fans and critics.

The “big beat” will feature a mix of footage from the first two seasons of “The Office” and “The Daily Show,” as well as clips from “American Idol” and the “New Girl” reboot.

It will also feature clips from the show’s original musical “The Superbowl Song,” which ran from 2008 to 2016.

The new “Big Beat” will also be available on NBCs digital platforms.

NBCs schedule also includes a full-episode version of “America’s Got Talent” airing Feb. 3, and a pre-game show that will air Feb. 5.

NBC also is bringing back “The Voice,” which aired in 2018.

While “The New York Times” recently reported that “the network was exploring a potential partnership with the show,” there is no word yet on whether NBC is pursuing such a deal.

It is also unclear whether NBC will be airing a new episode of “Modern Family” on Feb. 11 or Feb. 14.ABC is also planning to air a “Big Bang Theory” pre-show on Feb 12.

It’s unclear if NBC will air a pregame show, but it has been rumored that NBC could have a pre game show in the fall.

The New Yorker is reporting, however, that the network is “working on a bigger plan” to bring “The Wall Street Journal” back on air and on-air to fill in for “The Newsroom” and other ABC properties that will be axed for the 2017-18 season.ABC also has “The View” slated to air on Feb 14.

It seems unlikely that ABC will air “The Bachelor” on that date.NBC has not yet announced when it will air the “Big Big Beat.”

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