‘It’s a miracle’: Dr Ben Carson talks to Oprah about the coronaviruses scare

“This is a miracle,” Carson said in an interview on “Oprah’s Next Door.”

“There’s nothing like it in the history of mankind.”

The neurosurgeon said that the coronivirus scare, which he predicted could last for weeks, was “an absolute miracle.”

In the same interview, Carson said he believes there are no “major changes” to his outlook since the last time he saw the virus.

He said that he believes “people are just scared.”

Carson was responding to a question about how he views the “tremendous progress” being made in the fight against the virus, which has killed more than 7.3 million people worldwide.

“I think people are just afraid,” Carson responded.

“There is no major changes.

I believe there is no real threat.”

On Wednesday, Carson appeared on “The View” and discussed the recent coronaviral scare and how the public responded.

He said that it was a “massive shock” to the country.

“There was so much anger and anxiety.

People said they didn’t want to get their kids vaccinated,” Carson explained.

“So we took it very, very seriously.”

“This was not a political moment.

This was a very serious time,” Carson continued.

“We have been through a very difficult time.

It’s a great time for the country to be together.”

Carson’s comments came just hours after a New York Times report that showed he and a former staffer were the two most vocal critics of Trump’s vaccine plan.

Carson was a vocal supporter of Trump throughout the 2016 election, and said that “when you’ve got a president that has been proven to lie, when you’ve had so many things happen that were never even proven to be true, when he’s done something that I have to call treasonous, when I’ve had a president say things that are just so horrible that it’s almost unbelievable, I’m still a Trump supporter.”

The former Trump aide, Joshua Fields, has been charged with multiple counts of felony assault, including battery on a federal officer.

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