Which handguns do you carry?

NEW YORK — The first handguns to be approved by the federal government will soon be in the hands of Americans, allowing them to be sold and traded online and at gun shows across the country.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Tuesday said it will accept applications for the new types of handguns and semiautomatic rifles in a staggered, 30-day application period starting Jan. 1.

The agency said the first pistols will be available in early April, and the first rifles in May.

The agency will also accept applications from gun show and sporting goods stores, with the goal of issuing 5,000 handguns and 5,200 rifles per month by June 30.

The process is expected to take about a year, and a list of approved applicants will be released online in mid-April.

Under the proposal, guns would be shipped by U.S. Postal Service (USPS) carriers, with most handguns going to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the western U.A.W.M.s proposal would allow the sale of handguns, with a one-time fee of $50.

A permit is required to buy a handgun.

Currently, about one-third of all handguns in the U.P.O.B. system are made in the United States.

The proposal calls for a “back to the U, home” option to allow Americans to buy handguns at their local gun shop.

“The proposed legislation will provide additional legal protections for our communities by eliminating barriers to gun ownership, allowing the sale and transfer of handguns to individuals with valid permits, allowing individuals to purchase handguns without needing a permit, and allowing for the export of handguns from the U of PO. to other countries,” said U. of P.O.’s executive director, Michael Meehan.

“It will also ensure that the Bureau can ensure that our communities remain safe.”

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