How to watch for a drone strike in the United States

A drone strike is an attempt by a military to attack a civilian target.

It can be as deadly as an actual war.

In a drone attack, the drone operator aims the drone to strike a specific person or object, typically a building, a vehicle, or even a person or vehicle.

The operator is responsible for determining whether the target is alive and whether the drone can be safely launched.

The drone operator must have a “clearance” from the military, so that they can conduct the strike without any legal repercussions.

A drone can carry out a number of missions, such as carrying out surveillance or surveilling.

The US military does not typically use drones for surveillance.

There are two types of drone strikes: covert and “targeted” or “kill-or-capture” missions.

The covert drone strikes, which are typically conducted by special operations forces, are targeted strikes that target people and structures.

Targeted strikes can take place in urban areas or in densely populated areas, in the heart of a major city or even in the countryside.

Targeting people or structures is generally not allowed, but it can be done if the target’s life is in danger or if there are no other options.

In other words, if the person is not armed or dangerous, they can be targeted by the drone.

The targets are usually civilians or militants, but sometimes targets are military or intelligence personnel or even police officers or other civilians.

The military can also target specific buildings or vehicles or military facilities, such a a hospitals or military bases.

In some cases, it may be necessary to target military targets or even military equipment to avoid civilian casualties.

There is no legal basis for targeting civilians in covert drone operations.

The most commonly targeted targets are: military facilities such as hospitals and military bases; military personnel, such people who are stationed in a military facility or in an area where a military base is located; or military vehicles such as military vehicles used for transport and carrying troops.

In all cases, the target must be considered armed and dangerous and the target cannot be a civilian, unless the target can be identified as armed or a threat to the lives of civilians.

Target of the day The term “target of the hour” is also used to describe a time of day when the drone strike takes place.

The target of the target of today (OTD) is usually the most important and important person in the area, who will be the target.

For example, in a targeted strike, it is often possible to strike an individual or an organization that is actively working to disrupt the military operations or to take advantage of their weaknesses.

The person of interest usually must be in the vicinity of the targeted person or organization and the military must have clear intelligence indicating that the person of concern is present.

In many cases, these are the individuals and organizations that are involved in a militant group or have ties to one.

The first target of this type of strike is usually a person who has no connection to the militant group, such an individual is an informant or has information that the militant is working with the enemy or his associates.

It is very difficult to identify the person and location of the person who is actually the target, but intelligence analysts are working to find out the identity of the individual and his associates and to get intelligence on their locations.

For more information about targeted attacks, please see Targeted attacks: A brief history and context.

In this section, we will look at a few cases where the military has used drones to target civilians and military personnel in the US.

Target #1: A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed during a drone mission on April 20, 2010 in Afghanistan.

The strike was carried out in a remote area near a Taliban checkpoint.

The mission involved the SEALs using a remotely piloted aircraft to drop a 500 pound (155 kg) bomb on a Taliban convoy that was transporting explosives to an underground storage facility in the Helmand Province.

The SEALs killed the Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, as well as five other militants.

This strike was the first known drone strike to target a civilian.

The following week, on June 10, 2010, a second drone strike was conducted in the same area.

The second drone was carried on an F-16 fighter jet and hit a building housing the Afghan security forces headquarters in the city of Kandahar.

The building sustained extensive damage and was destroyed, but the compound itself was not hit.

The damage to the building was repaired, but was unable to contain the damage caused by the first strike.

This second strike was also the first of its kind in Afghanistan, but there have been no confirmed civilian casualties from this strike.

The next day, a U. S. drone was used in another strike that killed four civilians, including two women, in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

This was a targeted attack on a building used by the Afghan National Security Forces.

The airstrike took place near a military checkpoint in the Kand

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