How to stop the #Billion Dollar Robot War in the US

Posted by Google News on November 27, 2018 08:08:23 It was a bad day for the world.

The United States was once again in the middle of the war in the Middle East.

The US Navy destroyed the Iranian navy in the Persian Gulf, and the US bombed the Iranian military, killing thousands of soldiers and civilians.

The White House was accused of “militarizing” the military, and a bill that would have expanded US nuclear capabilities was defeated by the Democratic Party.

The war in Syria was also a disaster for the US, with a new government in Damascus that the US and its allies have accused of being “moderate”.

The war on ISIS is also a nightmare for the United States.

The terrorist group is being supported by Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and its advances in Iraq and Syria are making the US even more reliant on the oil and gas revenues from those countries.

But these events have left the US in the grip of a war of epic proportions.

The Middle East is the last great unexplored continent on the planet, and as the years go by, we are slowly losing the ability to control it.

What is happening now is that the world is losing control of itself, and we are all losing control.

What’s at stake?

The US and Europe have become increasingly isolated and divided.

This isolation is a direct result of the failure of the US government to secure the borders that have made it so successful in its attempts to contain the spread of Islamic extremism.

This is an issue that the American people will never understand until it’s too late.

The most recent example of this was the attempted assassination of the President of the United Kingdom.

He was assassinated in the UK with a gun that was loaded with explosives and a grenade.

The perpetrators were arrested, but the US continues to deny that there was any connection between the incident and the assassination attempt.

The FBI and the British police have not been able to solve this mystery, and they are currently investigating a number of other murders, including a murder of a police officer in Scotland.

The next logical step is for the Obama administration to go after President Trump.

The President of United States is under investigation for collusion with Russia, for allegedly ordering an illegal wiretap, and for failing to disclose the full extent of the Russian involvement in the hacking of the DNC.

It’s a lot to digest at once.

The only thing that the Trump administration has done to date is to try to downplay the importance of the hacking.

The administration has made numerous attempts to spin the Russian hacking as an isolated event that did not pose a direct threat to the US.

The Obama administration tried to paint the attack on the DNC as a farce, a hoax, and an attack on an independent institution.

The story was spun by the mainstream media and the Obama White House.

The American people now have a clearer understanding of the stakes, and how the administration and its policies have impacted the lives of Americans.

The current war in Afghanistan is a textbook example of the failures of the Obama foreign policy.

The Afghan government is now being run by the Taliban.

The Taliban has repeatedly attempted to gain influence in Afghanistan, and has even been blamed for the murder of US Special Forces troops in Afghanistan.

The latest US-led invasion of Afghanistan was a huge failure.

In a recent article, I argued that the war was a complete disaster.

What the American public knows about the war is that it was a disastrous failure.

There is no question that the Afghan government has not been in a position to defend itself from a possible attack by the United Nations, and there is no doubt that the Taliban are now more powerful than the Afghan National Army.

The Trump administration is now actively trying to undermine the Afghan administration.

The Administration is reportedly preparing to send troops to the country to fight the Taliban, and are reportedly preparing for a ground invasion of the country.

It is clear that the Obama government has no desire to defeat the Taliban and that they are far more interested in continuing to support the war.

The War on Drugs is a war that has been a complete failure, but it is one that the Administration is trying to continue.

The recent efforts to reform the War on Terror and the War Against Drugs have been an absolute disaster for both the US Government and the American populace.

The Drug War has failed.

It has failed to stop drug abuse.

It failed to curb the violence and terrorism in the United State.

And it failed to make the US safer from terrorism and drug-related violence.

The drug war has failed because it has failed so badly to address the root causes of the drug problem.

We have a crisis in our nation’s drug policy.

We are at a critical moment.

We need to change our nation, and it’s time to reform our drug policy and get back to the way things were.

The problem is that we’re doing this at a time when we

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