New York City police officers are to be paid $1 million after they were fired for a Facebook post which allegedly showed them abusing their power over other people

NEW YORK CITY — New York Police Department officers are being paid $950,000 after they allegedly posted a photo of themselves punching another person in the face with a closed fist.

The video shows an NYPD officer grabbing a man by the throat and slamming him to the ground while another officer can be seen punching him in the back of the head.

The officer in the second photo then tries to force the man’s head into his neck, then punches him again in the head, the lawsuit said.

The officers’ lawyer, Charles Estrada, said they had been fired on Friday for “a malicious act.”

“The police department should be held accountable for its actions,” Estradas attorney, Benjamin Cohen, told The Associated Press.

“It’s outrageous.

The officers’ supervisors should be fired.”

The lawsuit alleges that the NYPD had a policy against using force against people who were in a legal fight with the officer in a public space.

It also alleges that police officers have a right to be compensated for their actions and should not be held responsible for other people’s actions, which are often based on their own prejudices.

The lawsuit said the officer who posted the video was a 20-year veteran who had been with the department since 2015.

It said the officers, who did not immediately respond to AP requests for comment, had been placed on administrative leave and could face discipline or termination.

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