The Best News Of The Week, 10/21 – 10/28

source Reddit title 10/26/18: U.S. Trade Talks End With Iran and North Korea, but That Won’t Stop It From Going After U.K. & Mexico article source reddit title 10.27.18: Russia To Crack Down On U.N. Officials & Trump: Russia’s ‘Coup’ Is ‘Hiding Its Crimes’ article source subreddit /r “The_Donald” title The Trump-Russia collusion hoax story is a hoax, says The Washington Post article source r/news title Trump’s Russia collusion story is false and a “conspiracy theory,” says New York Times article source redditor “Dude who goes to the beach” source Reddit post title US officials say Iran & North Korea want US hostages released, but Iran & China won’t budge article source post title 9/27/18 – 9/29/18 9.27am EST: The Trump Administration Is ‘Sticking It To Iran & Russia’ & ‘Stating That They Have the Will to Defeat Our Enemies,’ Trump Administration Officials Say article source The_Donald article title 9.24.18 – 09.02.18 9am EST – US officials are claiming that Iran & South Korea are working together to stop the Trump Administration from doing the right thing: article source /r /news title 9:17am EST 9.16am EST 10.24am EST10.14am ESTUS officials are saying that Iran& South Korea want to stop President Trump from doing what is right.

They’re also claiming that they have the will to defeat our enemies.

The Trump Administration is doing the wrong thing.

They are pushing for war with Iran & are lying about it.

They have no intention of being friends with the US.

The US has been in this position for decades & Iran & its allies have been working to undermine US sovereignty.

We have the same intentions & want the same outcome for Iran & the world.

The Iran deal is a bad deal, & Iran is only getting richer & more powerful.

Trump has no business negotiating with Iran, & should have left the deal & left the talks.

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