“A ‘Million Dollar Man’ Is The ‘Moral’ Man” After His “Moral” Attack On A Teenager News Now

“A “million dollar man” is a man who has enough money to buy a million new cars, but not enough money for a million people to get a million cars,” wrote author, investigative journalist, and self-described “Million-Dollar Man” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his blog.

“It’s the same guy who, on a whim, will buy an airplane for $500 million.

He’ll fly it into the sky, and then he’ll pay off all the people on the plane and buy a new house for them and all the cars they’ll need.””

A ‘million dollar mama’ is the man who can afford a million million new houses, but can’t afford to buy enough cars to get them all,” Kennedy continued.

“He’s the moral man, and his biggest accomplishment is being able to buy cars for a few million.

That’s a big deal.”

In the past, Kennedy said that he had been an advocate of “a million-car tax,” or a federal tax on new vehicles, but that he changed his mind after he read the “The Million Dollar Man” story.

“A million car tax is a great idea.

It has been in the works for years, and there are a lot of reasons to believe it will happen,” Kennedy said.

“A few reasons: First, it’s an easy way to raise the money to pay for roads, bridges, etc. Secondly, it would give everyone who drives a million dollars worth of cars a chance to retire, which is a good thing.”

Kennedy also suggested that the tax could help alleviate the current high unemployment rate in America, which has risen to 8.6 percent.

“It’s time for America to finally put a million-dollar tax on cars.

If we do, the car industry will thrive and the nation will be a lot better off for it,” Kennedy concluded.

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