Google says it won’t pay Google to remove ‘fake news’ from its search engine

Google says that it won, despite the fact that it did so on the advice of the company’s human editors and publishers.

The search engine company, which operates in more than 200 countries, was forced to delete a number of sites, including the fake news news site The Atlantic, in the wake of a lawsuit from the publishers of The New York Times and Washington Post, which were among the companies that filed a complaint against the search engine in the case.

The company said it did this because it believes the data that it collects on how people use its services is fair game for further investigation.

It also says that its algorithms are constantly being refined to ensure that it doesn’t have to comply with the lawsuits.

Google’s statement says that the company has already taken steps to improve the quality of its search results, and has updated its algorithm to remove sites that it believes are potentially fraudulent.

Google says the new measures, implemented after it received a request for information from the three publishers, are in response to the lawsuits filed by them, but also because it has “concerns that they could negatively impact our business in the future.”

In an update to its search page, Google said that the companies asked the search giant to remove their sites from its results, but that it “has not complied with the request and has not removed any of their sites.”

“Google has decided that we are not in a position to comply and will not pay to remove fake news from our search engine,” Google said in a statement.

“We have made these changes in response, in consultation with our human editors, publishers, and lawyers, to ensure our algorithms are safe from being manipulated in this way.”

The search company has said it does not pay Google any money to remove any of its sites from search results.

Google said it will continue to update its search algorithm to better prevent fraudulent sites from appearing in its results.

The New Jersey attorney general’s office, which is seeking a temporary restraining order against Google, has filed a separate lawsuit on behalf of the publishers.

In the meantime, the search company says it has implemented a number that are part of its own efforts to improve its search technology.

The companies say they will continue working together to address this problem.

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